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Debt Settlement services

Debt settlement services


Debt Settlement Services


In times of financial crisis, debt settlement services can help reverse your situation and get you back on your feet. Facing financial struggles is something many families go through, and none should be ashamed of.  If you are having a difficult time managing your debts, allow debt settlement lawyer Neil Berman to offer you his services in Somerville.  If you always seem to need more money at the end of your pay period, find yourself having to put off bills, or  are “robbing Peter to pay Paul;” if you’re afraid to answer the phone because it is just yet another creditor, or financial battles are threatening your marriage, you need a good settlement attorney.


What Can I Expect?


In most cases, debt settlement services and settlement lawyers will negotiate with your creditors one on one to offer them a pay off that will be far less than you still owe.  The settlement attorney will do all of the explaining for you, sharing with the creditor just what your financial situation is and how you are willing to work with them to settle your debt.  In some cases, your debt may be cut by as much as half. In other cases, you can just expect a good bit reduced from your initial balance.  Once your settlement attorney has made a deal with your creditor on the amount you still owe, that amount is paid, and the agreement is signed by both parties.  That particular creditor can no longer bother you.  The remainder of your original debt with them is written off. Any unsecured debt, such as credit cards or medical bills can be settled by settlement services.


According to CNI, most companies will not write off more than 40% to 50% of a client’s debt.  In some cases, a company could refuse to write off any, and may even threaten to sue for the remainder of the balance owed.  If you have been threatened in such a manner by one of your creditors, settlement attorney Neil Berman can calmly negotiate with them to try and reach an understanding.  Once a creditor realizes that you are indeed trying to settle, and that by refusing they may open themselves to time and money spent in a lawsuit, they will usually settle with you.  With the economy failing as it is, many times your creditors will need the cash as badly as you do, and will take what they can get, so to speak.  If you have found yourself in a financial bind that you cannot seem to get out of, give Settlement lawyer Neil Berman a call today.


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